ASH ’s new album will be called ‘MELTDOWN’ and will be preceded by a single next month.

Due out this spring, the band’s fourth full-length album is said to be they’re heaviest yet, and to prove it they’re putting out new track ‘Clones’ as a download single next month.

Tim told XFM: “It’s the heaviest thing we’ve ever done. It’s kinda shock tactics y’know? It’s really in your face.”

As previously reported, tracks slated for the album, which was mastered this week, include ‘Go To Hell’, ‘Renegade Cavalcade’, ‘Orpheus’, ‘I Wouldn’t Be Saved’, ‘Evil Eye’, ‘On A Wave’, ‘Cool It Down’, ‘Argument’ and ‘Solace’, as well as ‘Meltdown’ itself.

Wheeler continued: “The album is called ‘Meltdown’. Why? Cos it’s a meltdown. A full-on rock monster. A real face-melter. It’ll tear your face off.”


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