Das hier klingt übrigens äußerst eklig. Es geht um den Muse-Sänger Matt Bellamy, dem auf der US-Tour folgendes widerfahren ist:

During a show in Atlanta Matt injured himself onstage, meaning the gig was cut short and the singer taken to hospital.

One fan at the gig told NME.COM: “During their fifth song he smashed his face into his guitar. I noticed something was wrong immediately because he leaned over to his roadie and pointed to his mouth, then I looked and it looked as if someone was pouring a water bottle down his face constantly, but it was blood.

“He kept spitting up more and more blood until he started to sing, and before he could finish the first few lines he quickly removed his guitar and only said ‘I cant sing, I’ve fucked my face up!’ and they all rushed offstage.”

Shortly after the band, without Matt came back onto the stage and said they couldn’t continue. A show in Philadelphia was also pulled.

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