Worüber ich mich freue: 1. Das großartige Tomte-Album ist auf 50 in die deutschen Charts eingestiegen (die haben’s sowas von verdient!). 2. Bald kommt das neue Blackmail-Album raus (einen Vorgeschmack auf die tolle Single in Form eines miesen Video-Streams gibt’s hier). 3. Der NME hat das ebenfalls großartige Maximilian-Hecker-Album besprochen und ihm sensationelle 8 von 10 Punkten gegeben (NME: In the first three minutes, a lovelorn Hecker bemoans how he’s spent seven days without a glance from Kate Moss. But if the former busker has something of the stalker about him, he’s not one of those men who have bad fringes and still live with their mum. “Rose”, Hecker’s second LP, is as beautiful and barbed as the flower itself and proves that sinister can also be suave and beautiful. While his sexless Germanic vocals threaten to get smothered in drippy melancholy, he’s wise enough to ease off with the string quartets as things progress, transmuting his snail pace into the kind of pin-drop quiet electro Fischerspooner would make after a pint of heroin. Lovely. 8/10. Dan Martin.). Darüber freue ich mich.

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